ArcEye Guard

ArcEye Guard is a cutting-edge security service powered by AI and a dedicated platform, designed to detect and stop threats swiftly. Immediate audible alerts are issued to deter criminals effectively, resulting in a remarkable 98% prevention rate. With ArcEye, you benefit from instant intervention against intruders and the safe handling of disruptive behaviors, all while saving up to 80% compared to traditional security guard services. Enjoy peace of mind with reduced false alarms and invest in ArcEye for comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions.


ArcEye leverages its purpose-built platform that utilizes AI-based analytics to detect unauthorized activity and escalate alerts in real-time.


Immediate intervention with personalized audio voice downs issued when unwanted activity is detected, with a 98% efficacy rate in preventing the incident.


If criminals are persistent, police are escalated and provided real time information of where trespassing or criminal activity took place. 


Within 24 hours, an incident report is provided, detailing the event and providing key forensic information for reporting and insurance purposes.

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