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ArcEye for Construction

Discover ArcEye for Construction, your proactive security partner for construction sites. Our advanced technology deters criminal activity and theft while boosting site visibility. With real-time monitoring and worker safety analytics, we ensure a safer environment and offer rapid deployment at a cost-effective fixed monthly fee, providing robust security without disruptions and significant savings.

How can ArcEye help your construction site? 

  • Proactive Security: ArcEye Solution proactively deters crime and theft, safeguarding construction sites and minimizing losses.

  • Enhanced Visibility: ArcEye boosts site visibility, enabling real-time monitoring to prevent security breaches.

  • Safety Analytics: By utilizing worker safety analytics, ArcEye ensures a safer environment, mitigating accidents.

  • Swift Deployment: Its rapid deployment integrates seamlessly, providing immediate protection without disruptions.

  • Cost-Effective: With a fixed monthly fee, ArcEye is more affordable than hiring guards, offering significant savings.

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