Proactively Deterring Crime So Your Organization Can Thrive

Our Mission Is To Stop Crime Before It Happens

ArcEye is our Clients' Physical Security Guide

ArcEye presents a contemporary security solution with our direct-to-cloud approach.

Welcome to the forefront of security – we’re here to support you.

ArcEye proactively deters crime so your organization can thrive

ArcEye is an innovator in the physical security-as-a-service market, driven by a commitment to redefine industry standards and outcomes for clients.

Our Core Competencies of:

  • 24/7 Proactive Video Monitoring

  • 24/7 Virtual Guard Services

  • Live Talk Downs

  • Escalated Law Enforcement Intervention

  • Client Success Team


Enable us to engage with our Clients on a Strategic level:

  • Visual, Business and Operational Intelligence
  • Improved Customer Experiences
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Operational Improvements to Increased Profitability

    Why Choose ArcEye?

    ArcEye serves as a catalyst for business security, offering innovative Solutions that empower organizations to thrive in an increasingly complex environment. Our proactive approach mitigates risk and transforms fear into purpose, fostering confidence and enabling progress.

    With ArcEye, Clients expect more than just a service – they experience a partnership grounded in integrity, reliability and a shared commitment to excellence.

    ArcEye Solutions

    ArcEye Watch

    Cloud Cameras

    Revolutionize Your Video Surveillance System into a Critical Business Intelligence Hub.

    ArcEye Guard

    Virtual Guarding

    Utilize the groundbreaking fusion of AI technology and real-time human intervention to proactively identify, deter, and thwart criminal activity long before it poses a threat.

    ArcEye Access

    Access Control

    ArcEye cloud platform represents a revolutionary leap for businesses seeking to revolutionize the interaction between humans and buildings.

    ArcEye Defend

    Interactive Alarm

    Revolutionize your business security management with a cutting-edge, cloud-driven platform designed to boost operational efficiency, streamline administrative tasks, and deliver top-tier protection seamlessly across single or multiple locations.